Anda nak cari bateri kereta dengan harga yang berpatutan? Sesiapa yang berminat untuk membeli bateri kenderaan:-
• Ada pelbagai saiz bateri
• ARBEX battery
• New Batteries from factory
• 1 year warranty
• Area Klang, Shah Alam dan Banting
• Price excludes delivery service
• Payment term – cash only
• Delivery method can be discuss
• Delivery time:
Mon-Fri – after 5.00 pm
Sat-Sun – can discuss

Sila hubungi 013 – 3175561 (SHAH).

PERHATIAN: I love to do business with honest person and strictly for serious buyer only. You all can contact me at anytime for further information. Leh call/sms me untuk tanya pasal harga dulu. No hal bro. Boleh bandingkan harga saya dengan orang lain. Memang berbaloi-baloi.

You do not know about Arbex batteries? Never hear about Arbex batteries before? Meh sini saya ceritakan serba sedikit pasal Arbex batteries and Arbex Corporation.

Benefits of ARBEX Battery adalah:

• Superior quality battery at affordable prices
• Uniquely constructed with special protective tissue for each positive and negative plates to prevent shedding of active materials and ensure longer life span
• Superb protection against road vibrations/shocks, which will help reduce premature failure
• Extra long lasting due to slower self discharge rate

Arbex Corporation (M) Sdn Bhd (ARBEX CORPORATION) is a local Bumiputera company incorporated on 7th October 1995 is one of Malaysia’s premier batteries manufacturer with its principal activities centering in the manufacturing and distribution of automotive batteries. ARBEX CORPORATION is committed to produce high quality automotive batteries to achieve highest customer satisfaction and company outstanding with constantly improve product quality and productivity from time to time.

Above is a little bit information about ARBEX CORPORATION. For more information, kindly visit their website at




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