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My lottery dream

A few days ago afternoon, I to the village beats green monday sale next to the China welfare lottery station to buy lottery tickets. I filled two note ShuangSeQiu, after writing, went home. After a few days, I went to the lottery point exchange, I unexpectedly in a special number number, have 5 yuan. I am dead, for the first time to buy medium 5 yuan. If can be 100000, can blow bank loans also, that our house property beats by dre green monday card can be got.

Thinking about thinking about, I will forget oneself, forget I want to accompany my mother a haircut. Mother said: “ya ya, every week, you can buy a time, perhaps in!” I ask: “be? If miss?” “Will the, you see, you are not the first to buy in the 5 yuan?” “Oh”. Anyway, today is a harvest. I believe that as long as we green monday beats by dre persist in buy, I can ten thousand yuan of persist in buy, I can ten thousand yuan of award.Basic3tuotu20121203



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