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Summer catch lobster remember

Have you seen lobster must also ate lobster, beats green monday sale but you ever go fishing lobster? I don’t think so, but I have ever go fishing lobster. Summer day, mother with a cousin and I go to the park to play, I suddenly saw a few children in walking up and down the river, hand was still carrying a single line, in the water they catch what, I’m curious approached on see, these children are fishing lobster! I took my curiosity, borrowed some lobster meat tied on a line, and then I put a line into water, such as lobster over to bite, I waited for a long time lobster didn’t come to bite, I impatient, was about to give up, mother behind from beats by dre green monday patted me on the shoulder and said: “you must have patience, don’t so give up.” Listen to the mother’s words, and I continue to catch lobster, suddenly I feel line in the water to sink, I just threw the line pull up, he found that there was a big lobster bite to that piece of lobster meat, I yell: “mom, I caught a big lobster!” Mother ran to me and said, “wow! Baby, you unexpectedly caught a such a big lobster, you are the man!” Listen to the mother’s words, I am very happy, then I also have to caught two small lobster. I think fishing lobster is a kind of fun, this is going green monday beats by dre to be my childhood is the most memorable one thing.Basic3tuotu20121203



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