Canopy Pyramid 20′ x 20′ for sale

Saidina Excel Canopy is a leading canopy supplier in Malaysia We offer the cheapest high quality canopy and canvas.
We are specialist in all types of canopy, tent, shades and canvas. We supply high quality canopy and all the related accessories (eg. round & square tables, plastic & banquet chairs, tablecloths, seat covers, scallops, ceiling fans, bulbs, scallops etc) with the cheapest price to all canopy rental operators throughout Malaysia.
We have our own factory with a capacity of 20 units of canopy per day. All our canopies are specially designed for heavy duty, durable and user friendly.
We are not just selling our products but in addition, we serve our customers with marketing support by helping them in advertising their business such as creating a website (subdomain) for the starter kit.
We are fast growing company looking forward to widen our market to the global. We have great offers to all our potential customers from the overseas who are looking for the high quality canopy.
Saidina Excel Canopy
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