MaSYAcHoCoLaTe JeRsEy Coklat Cenderamata Kahwin, Kek & Pastri

MaSYAcHoCoLaTe JeRsEy is simply for all chocolate lovers as a gesture to say ” I LOVE YOU”
Customized chocolate for all occasions such as festive celebrations, Hari Raya, birthday, parties, anniversaries, weddings, corporate door gifts or souvenirs. Introducing POP-CAKES, POP-TARTS and POP-COOKIES that is home made and extremely delicious.

We are pretty sure our chocolate and other sweet delicacies would melt in the mouth and it is heavenly taste like candy. At MaSYAcHoCoLaTe JeRsEy, we only use high quality chocolate and the taste is guaranteed to meet your satisfaction.

Call or sms us at 010- 420 0278 or e-mail us at for your special prices, quotations and further inquiries. We are glad to be able to customize to your needs, themes and of course, your budget….

These are my passion, and making it happen is truly coming from my heart…
The best place to bake is here… at home…

…where our heart is.



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