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Eastern Han Dynasty from Han Dili from the throne of the emperor mostly children, the youngest is a baby gave birth to more than one hundred days. Emperor

Emperor young, as usual, by the Queen Mother Powerbut ruling, the Queen Mother again hand over power to her maiden, thus forming a wife’s family autocratic

Situation. Some of the emperor’s death had no sons, the Queen Mother, wife’s family from coach factory outlet the royal family to find a child to succeed the emperor, so that they can control


However, the emperor grew up gradually sensible, can not take the long-term as a puppet. He wants to get rid of the control of bbs.luo.cc/viewthread.php?tid=578036&extra= the wife’s family

Cronies inside and out are the wife’s family, with whom to discuss it? Only some eunuchs, every day wait on the emperor’s side. Results of Huang

The emperor had no choice but to rely on the power of the eunuchs Fight forces of the wife’s family. In this way, the power of the wife’s family go to the the eunuch hands.

Whether it is the wife’s family or a eunuch or on behalf of the most decadent forces are despotic landlord. Wife’s family and the eunuch two groups each other

Relative to compete for rotation dominated the affairs of state, and the politics of the coach outlet store online Eastern Han Dynasty more and more corrupt.

AD 125, the seventh emperor of the Eastern Han Han Shundi throne, the maternal coach outlet relatives Liangjia palm of the right. Queen’s father, Liang Liang providers, brother

Brother Liang Ji has done a great general.

Liang Ji is a very arrogant guy, he misbehave open blackmail, totally looked down on the emperor.

The Han Emperor Shun died when his successor rushed Emperor is a child of two and six months dead. Liang Ji in the royal family

Find an eight-year-old child to succeed, is Han qualitative Emperor.

Emperor Han qualitative Although young, really clever. Liang Ji’s rude and awkward, he could not understand. One time, he moving in classroom in front of

The faces of all the officials Liang Ji said:

“It’s a despotic generals!” (Despotic tyrannical mean.)

Liang Ji coach outlet store listened to angry and terrible, face-to-face bad attack. I thought behind such a young age of the child is so powerful, long

Big terrible, secretly put poison in the pancakes, gave qualitative Emperor eat.

Emperor Han qualitative know where the pie toxic, eat cake, and immediately felt my stomach.

He called the chamberlain LI Gu Qiu quacks. coach outlet LI Gu saw he was very hard for me to look, to ask how he is going.

Quality emperor said: “just eat the www.buycoachsoutletfactory.org cake, I just feel stomach upset, dry mouth, would you like to drink water.”

Liang Ji in the next quickly said: “No, you can not drink, drinking water is necessary to vomiting.”

Liang Ji’s if not finished, this eight-year-old child has been lying on the ground, there rolling off the gas.

Liang Ji had killed a qualitative Timor, and from the royal family to pick a 15-year-old Liu succeed Emperor is the Han Emperor Huan.

Han Emperor Huan throne, the Liang the Queen become Liang Queen Mother, the political affairs of wholly behind Liang Ji’s hands, Liang Ji more domineering. He order

Their own enjoyment, and cover a lot of high-rise buildings, to the Luoyang suburban Tamida are to occupy down, as Leong private garden. Inside

Pavilions, everything. He loved raising rabbits in Henan west of the city made a rabbit Court, command over the pay rabbit. He also

The rabbits is branded with the mark, those who hurt the rabbit beam rabbits Court, is guilty of a capital offense. A Western businessman to Luoyang not

Know the ban on killing a rabbit. For this case, actually implicate more than a dozen people lost their lives.

Liang Ji coach factory outlet online thousands Liang Jiazi female captured as slaves to slaves called “traders”. Meaning that they

Are “voluntary” to sell Liangjia. He also sent to investigate the rich people, captured the rich, just give him a crime

Told him to come up with money Atonement, less money and to do a capital offense. Man named Sun Fen great money. Liang Ji gave him a horse to

He borrow money fifty million. Sun Fen was no way forced to thirty million. coach outlet Liang Ji take fire you, www.get-coachoutletonlines.org he told the official Sun Fen caught

Go falsely said Sun Fen mother escaped slaves to their house, stole a lot of pearls, gold should be recovered. Sun Fen refused Order of the

Recognition, official beaten to death, all confiscated property.

Liang Ji such lawlessness to palm the nearly two decades of power, and finally with the Han Emperor Huan Naoqi contradiction to. Liang Ji sent to assassinate

Huan pet beams elegant mother. Han Huan can not stand on a single super five with Liang Ji implacable official secret liaison

Officer, take advantage of Liang Ji preparedness launch Habayashi Army more than a thousand suddenly surrounded Liang Ji residential.

The Liang Ji Huanglihuangzhang shivering, etc. him to coach outlet online figure out what’s going on, know to survive you had to eat the poison suicide.

Liangjia and Liang Ji wife Jia relatives all over the egg, and some sentenced to death, some withdrawal from office. Up and down the court, Liang Ji

The more than 300 minions confidants full withdrawal of the post.

Officials on the court almost at once completely empty.

Leong Ka downfall, the people, not to mention how pleased. Han Huan Liang Ji family’s possessions were confiscated, a total worth of more than thirty

Million, the money was equivalent to half of the National tax year. Leong Ka occupied as the garden, the rabbit Court Tamida, still to farmers


Reward, the single super five the eunuchs are labeled Hou, called “Wu Hou Han Huan. Playing time from the Eastern Han regime

And from the wife’s family hands go to the eunuch the hands.



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