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“Take my car what?” Zhang Zongjun surprised, knew her daughter was powerful. The company’s production lines are this girl help to the improvement of the land, and take their own car so the daughter said, Zhang Zongjun also did not think too much, just want their own car can come back full.

“This,” Little Dawn sly smile up, “confidential!”

Is confidential! Upon hearing this. Zhang www.cheapcoachpursesoutletss.com Zongjun simply crazy, simply uncle can endure aunt nor forbearance So now finally confidential objects even their own? I still is not your way I?

In Zhangzong Jun decided to be a good lesson from two smelly guy, is shocked to discover that the two smelly guy found something was wrong, and did coach outlet not even know when God secrecy of slipped!

“We so Father car to dismantle it?” The small morning watching black and Lincoln, the heart some playing timid. “If this thing is Father www.louisvuittonpursesoutletss.net know, but also not to make your ass beaten four?”

“Pasha,” Zhang louis vuitton handbags Lan touches give a damn, “as long as the demolition of playing recorded good data does not have to put back the confidence do you do not?”

Put back, of course there is no difficulty, “this really small morning nothing, his heart is always inexplicable fear: Zhang Lan ass!

They do things very simple, is Zhang Zongjun this removed, detailed records under the car brake system specifications Lincoln, Little Dawn in the car is not the case of dismantling land learned brake system structure, but the detailed component specifications but not very detailed understanding of the way, want to louis vuitton purses know these things, only one way only scrap. Only after personally after measuring. To be able to know the exact data and technical parameters of the car’s braking system, the only detailed determine the parameters of the braking system. To come up with a detailed practical brake system modification program accordingly.

Brake the systematic modification is a very complicated over-engineering, involved a lot of, car ground circuit system, power system, hydraulic system must make the appropriate modifications and adjustments, the shape of the parts in some places even need to completely re-designed to meet their original design requirements. Not as many people imagine, casually it’s simple drum brakes replaced coach bags outlet with hydraulic disc brake can handle that. Due to the different characteristics between the disc brakes and drum brakes two brake, two brake cheap coach purses design had starker, if you want the car’s brake system is converted into hydraulic disc brakes, almost quite in the re-design and production for the whole car braking systems.

Only need to worry about is the problem of the annual review of the vehicle, but Zhang Lan thoughtfully bbs.g3down.com/viewthread.php?tid=315631&extra= father’s car who dare trial car however? Then will put down that thought.

Fortunately, only one car, hydraulic brake discs and brake calipers allows HIT Special Ceramics Laboratory engineer Lee Dae help production, but the rest of the brake system components. Necessary to small Morninglight personally designed, in the design of the company’s laboratory minicomputer bed to produce their own.

Dismantled is very simple for the small morning, this girl body surface that can facilitate the transition between the liquid and solid metal layer can be easily turned coach handbags outlet into a coach purses outlet the Dismantled need various tools, such as wrenches, pliers, etc. etc., just louis vuitton purses outlet two hours of effort, the whole car completely dismantling recorded the technical parameters of the brake system, and complete the small morning assembled.



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