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Is his friends! Xia Ting pointed to the cold feeling not far behind her Mu Ling-feng.

Mu Lin Feng saw two ladies just talking about him, nor shy came up, “I do not know how the two ladies call?”

“I Xia Ting, her cold feelings!” Xia Ting pale coach factory online reddish introduced, she is a kind girl, saw Mu Ling-feng such a handsome man more kindly.

Cold feeling just nodded towards Mu Ling-feng slightly, still quiet follow the team walked.

www.coachoutlets–canada.net “Cold www.gmoutsource.com/forum/topic.php?id=101713&replies=1#post-122945 love girl is really Renruqiming!” See Mu Ling-feng cold feeling like a go its own way, turn a blind eye on their own, some displeasure heart feel cold feelings too arrogant.

“Oh, Mu Big Brother, cold love is such a character, but she good!” Xia Ting know cold feeling just coach outlet canada indifferent character., People is not that bad.

“Well, thank you! Nice to meet you!” Mu Ling-feng think this summer ting than cold feelings lovely.

coach outlet online Xia Ting just shy smile, she had little contact and a strange man, today began to take a popular figure in the Mu Ling-feng registration freshmen, and my heart wild guesses, such as deer, shy and excited Qi Chung heart.

Soon, they have come to the boundary of the mountain.

Contrary to the expectations of the cold situation, the mountain really is, is entirely a tall peaks, the mountains misty, high peaked. World of Reiki plenty rich elements of various substances, cold love one to feel very comfortable here, here is a good place to practice spiritual power.

Cold feeling secretly for their own practice, identify good places.

Han Ying’s lead down to the foot of the mountain, a cave before.

The foot of the coach outlet online mountain one a distance, like a a modern grotto cave, looks spectacular.

“These are the past students practice the cave, a total of exactly one hundred.”

Han Ying’s voice interrupted the surprise of the students, “following pairs of coach factory you, choose a cave to enter two things at the end of each cave, your job is to go in the goods intact out most The first out of one hundred people have eligible to enter the Seibu Academy. “

“Teacher, how grouping? Voluntary combination you?” Was a question.

www.coachfactorystorees.org “Yes, voluntary combination due to the earlier assessment and more out of coach factory outlet one person, so this round will have one person alone to enter the cave, you on your own to adjust it! Rest of that own a person inside.” Han shadow detail explained with, see these young people, the thought of her when the scenario When I first came here, in fact, also was passed a few years.

“Cold situation, I you!” Xia Ting preferred cold feelings, embarrassing glanced Mu Ling-feng.

Cold feeling Look out the clues, “No, you and his group, I have a can!”

In fact, the cold feeling hope own separate set of that without hidden strength, is not afraid to back left to others, this is her taboo.

Had time agent task, due to the back left to a teammate, she nearly lost their lives.

However, there are exceptions to this taboo, that is, her two sisters, Luo Qi Han Tong non.

“That’s how the line? Group I, he is yellow level, not the problem.” Xia Ting do not trust cold feeling, to say she was too embarrassed to go to a group and Mu Ling-feng, Needing ‘s.

“I stick to a group, you casually it!” Cold feeling Having stepped forward to go to Korea shadow.

“Cold love!” Xia Ting not give up shouting her.

“The people do not appreciate it, you are also anxious what kind of strength?” Pull Mu Lin Feng Xia Ting was about to catch a cold feeling, he did not like the cold feeling aloof, he will have to see her into a cave in the end coach outlet what would happen? Is also faster than two people? He felt cold feeling should be subdued the elan go.

“But …” Xia Ting or some worried about.

“Well, do not, but, did not see she have to find their own Korean teacher say?” Mu Ling-feng in fact, been staring at the shadow of the cold feeling.

This summer Ting gave up the idea of ??the team to be and the cold feeling.

Soon, all packet has to come out. Single group of cold love everyone, but also expected.

In everyone’s eyes, no one wants her mysterious gas pairs, unless it is a fool.

It is agreed that the Xia Ting made the right choice, who would not want the team and the yellow level Yuen ah? Only the parties to understand the reason why.

We only care about the cold feeling is not mysterious gas, but did not think about it, how mysterious gas into a?

Soon, everyone has their own good preparation.

“Well, the group is complete, the election of a hole, be sure to pay attention to safety, it is impossible to withdraw. Prepare to begin!” With the command of Korean film, each group of troops rushed into each ca



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