Platform 3’ x 6’ Baru
RM 120.00
Platform 3’ x 6’ 2nd
RM 85.00

Platform Berkarpet Baru
RM 150.00
Platform Berkarpet Baru
RM 120.00

Lembayung/Langit-langit/Underlayer Baru
RM 900.00
Lembayung/Langit-langit/Underlayer 2nd
RM 650.00

Tabir Putih Baru
RM 70.00
Tabir Putih 2nd
RM 30.00

Salur Baru
RM 70.00
Salur 2nd
RM 30.00

Topi Arabic Baru
RM 70.00
Topi Arabic 2nd
RM 35.00

Sauh baru galvanise RM 50.00
Sauh second galvanise RM 40.00

Sauh baru cat RM 40.00
Sauh 2nd cat
RM 30.00

Gasing baru galvanise RM 35.00
Gasing 2nd galvanise RM 30.00



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